The Coop Ruth Built

From city dwellers to chicken rearers and farmers.  Such is the path of obedience in our lives.  Neither one of us saw this coming.  Move to the country we pipped.  It will be a new chapter we said.  A new chapter was only the beginning.  And so it began, first some baby chicks–one week removed from moving into the new house.  Then a brooder for the baby chicks.  A few weeks went by.  Bigger they got.  The homemade box brooder turned into 150 gallon livestock water trough.  The water trough quickly turned into an amusement park for the now pullets and cockerels as they climbed and jumped in and out of the brooder almost at will.  Their enclosed area has now taken on an aroma all it’s own.  Why did we start with this many chicks again?  We had the opportunity to stay with what we had.  We did not have to make the second round purchase a week after the first round.  But we did.

It was time.  They needed a new, bigger and permanent home.  Bring in the coop.

To say that time was short, was an extreme understatement.  So, against my better judgement, we outsourced the building of the chicken coop.  It pains me to admit this.  However, with a houseful of unpacked boxes and about 600-700 plants and seeds to get planted into the garden.  There simply was not enough time.  The coop that Ruth built, quickly became the coop those one guys from that one company built.

There goes the legacy we could tell our grand-kids.  I’m sure there will be other opportunities to fill the tall tale scrapbook.

Even still, it’s our own little piece of chicken raising, egg-eating, chicken chasing paradise.