Farm Life

The Farm Life is a strange yet familiar way of life.  At times foreign, yet comforting. Long days and short pay. Work that will break your back but sunsets that will bring you back. Ask any farmer–dairy, livestock or crop–the answers will invariably be the same. It is less about the money and more about the journey. Having been raised in the fast paced life of major cities, adjusting to the new pace is challenging.

FarmLifeIncremental adjustments. Two-step instead of The Electric Slide (Do not act like you do not remember). Different cadence, same call. A call for simplicity. A call to be closer to our Maker. A desire to focus on God rather than stuff.

There are no Starbucks. There are no shopping plazas. The mall is the backyard. Ice Lattes, replaced with black coffee for the 6am milkings. Nights spent out on the town, replaced with sleeping in the barn awaiting the arrival of baby goats (kids). Knitted sweaters for the grandkids, replaced with crochetting coats for the baby goats born on the tail end of winter.

Food is plentiful, if you are willing to work for it. Sometimes it comes to you in windfalls–nuts from trees, but even free gifts require effort. Other times food is obtained through much sweat, blood and aches–but only if the conditions are right.

So the question is why? Why go through all of the efforts only to have them fail or under produce? Why not go the conventional route that is more guaranteed? The answer is why not. Why not spend more time working as a family? Why not spend more time learning what you are capable of doing with the strength of the Lord?

The reality is, there is no correct answer. There is no right or wrong. Earning a wage through a normal 9 to 5 is an accommplishment on it’s own. The reality is we all achieve for much of the same outcomes, the paths as to how we arrive there is the difference.

Different, yet the same. Rather than spending time on a job or in an office, the fields are our work space. Hours spent earning a wage are replaced with hours cultivating and harvesting a living. Same premise, different process. Strange, yet familiar.