Daily Operations

The day in and day out on the farm consists of many things.  Almost all of which involve feces of some variety and species.  Watering the chickens without stepping in the lego to golfball sized landmines that plot the chicken run and coop.  To gathering eggs while trying not to get beaked by the hen napping in the nesting box rather than laying in the nesting box.  All the way through the chicken people chase.  It’s a fun little game our poultry like to play.  When we come out of the house they come in droves–as in the entire herd–to see what you brought them for a snack.  If you come empty handed, because you are headed to another chore or activity, they will chase and hunt you down.  It’s all fun and games until the snacks run out.

Then there are the goats.  Lovely animals.  However, they can be quite quirky.  The mature boys will literally pee on themselves.  Their beards, chins and entire faces.  This apparently entices the ladies.  I have yet to ask that ladies if this is indeed true.

Goats also burp while they eat.  This burping is burping in the normal sense but it is also a means for them to bring their cud up.  It’s an acquired taste I suppose.

They also poop everywhere.  If you have never seen a goat poop, it’s like a little machine gun of poop balls that comes out of their hind parts.  Like a gumball machine that just hit the jackpot and dropped its’entire contents.

Now all of this may make it sound like goats aren’t much fun or something that one would  not be interested in having around.  Even with their less than human country club ettiquette, they have wonderfully rich personalities and are very awesome.  These weird quirks, are not quirks to them.  It is just how it is.  I suppose, to them, we are weird because we don’t do these things.  If you just go with it and realize they are just different than us bi-pods, you actually can stop and laugh at the quirks–as long as you steer clear of the urine bathing of the males during rut season.

When sitting on a stump with the goats, just watching and looking, they’ll come up and nudge/nuzzle you looking for an afternoon or whatever time of day it is pet/scratch my head session.