Chicks, Puppies and Kids (Goats) Arriving


It is hard to think about spring when we’re still breaking ice in the water troughs every10329051_10152401177687342_2736678382234579776_n morning and building fires under the stock tanks to keep them from refreezing but, spring is just around the corner. Somewhere.  With warmer weather meandering near, even if only as a fog like dream, spring means chickens, gardens, fresh veggies and new births at the farm.  We put our first batch of eggs in the incubator a few days ago and will have production reds and a few assorted chicks available around February 1st.  Reserve yours today!

Life always moves at full pace.  No matter your location.  The farm is no exception.  As such, offspring from one animal type would not suffice. Enter the puppies! We will have


10455421_10152492816132342_7607274587165257614_n (1)a litter of Anatolian and Great Pyrenees crosses being born around Valentine’s day.  This will be the first litter from Kata and Solomon.  Both are working dogs that work with our goats and chickens.  At the time of sale the puppies will have 1610002_10152416858247342_2424306955834262226_n (1)been exposed to goats, chickens and children and have at least their first round of shots..Puppies will be born around the middle of February and will be ready for their new homes in the middle of April 2015. Contact us to reserve yours today.

The trifecta would not be complete without a helping of goats.  Our LaMancha does are on schedule to kid in the early to mid spring.  This is a much long awaited event.  (Contact peanut-headshotus for pricing and to reserve yours today).  Kids means, mamas in milk.  Mamas in milk means breakfast cereal can start in earnest again.  It also means we can replenish our supply of milk for our goat milk soap, lotions and lip butters.  Additionally, we can start cheese production again.  One can never have too many things to do, because apparently we have too much time on our hands.  .